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Computer Security Incident Response Team Essay Example for Free

PC Security Incident Response Team Essay In the most recent decade, an ever increasing number of organizations have begun to investigate internet business to associate them to the limitless universe of worldwide providers, accomplices, shoppers and considerably more. This blast in innovation has put various resources are hazard from a security angle permitting programmers/crakers and anybody on the web to access these system and addition data or attempt to endanger business to a point where it stops. Increment in Denial of administration assaults, youngster erotic entertainment, infection/worms and different apparatuses utilized by people to obliterate information has lead to law authorization and media to investigate why and how these security breaks are directed and what new legal laws are expected to prevent this from occurring. As indicated by CSI PC wrongdoing and security Survey 2007, the normal yearly misfortune announced by security penetrate has shot up to $350,424 from 168,000 the earlier year. To add to this, an ever increasing number of associations are detailing PC interruptions to law authorization which slanted to 29 percent contrasted with 25 percent the prior year. 1] To be fruitful in react to an occurrence, there are a couple of things that should be followed: 1. Limit the quantity of seriousness of security occurrences. 2. Collect the center PC security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). 3. Characterize an episode reaction plan. 4. Contain the harm and limit hazard. [3] How to limit the quantity of seriousness and security episodes: It is difficult to forestall all security related occurrences, yet there are things that should be possible to limit the effect of such episodes: †¢Establishing and implementing security approaches and techniques. Picking up help from Management in both authori zing security approaches and taking care of episodes. Getting to vulnerabilities on the earth on standard premise including ordinary reviews. †¢Checking all gadgets on certain time spans to ensure that all the updates were performed. †¢Establishing security arrangements for both end clients and security individual and requesting trusted status every single time an entrance is allowed. †¢Posting standards and updates for obligations and limitation of utilization of uses, and different frameworks on the system. †¢Implementing secure secret key polices thought the system. Checking log documents on ordinary fundamentals and observing traffic. †¢Verifying reinforcements are done on standard rudiments and kept up in a fitting way. This would likewise incorporate the new email reinforcement strategy laws. †¢Create Computer Security Response Team (CSIRT) [3] Security danger is the equivalent for both huge, little, and government associations and accordingly it is significant that paying little mind to what the orga nization has for its safety efforts, it likewise has a composed record that builds up rules for episode reaction. Occurrence react arranging is a lot of rules that record on security episode dealing with and correspondence endeavors. This arrangement is actuated when an episode that could affect the company’s capacity to work is built up. PC Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) ought to contain the accompanying: 1. Strategic: the reaction group will be answerable for, including how to deal with episodes as they occur and what steps are important to limit the effect of such occurrences. 2. Degree: this would characterize, who is answerable for which territory of security, it can incorporate things like application, network(s), workers, correspondence both inside and to the general population and substantially more. . Data stream: How data will be taken care of if there should be an occurrence of a crisis and how it will be accounted for to the fitting power, pubic, media and inner workers. 4. Administrations gave: This record ought to contain all the administrations that are either given to the clients or administrations that are utilized or purchased from different sellers including testing, instruction , specialist co-op issues to give some examples. [2] The CSIRT group must contain a few individuals including a Team head which will screen changes in individual’s actives and duty of investigating activities. An Incident Lead, that will be committed as the proprietor of set of occurrences and will be answerable for addressing anybody outside the group while and relating changes and updates. A gathering of individual’s part of the CISRT group called individuals will be capable to deal with duty of the occurrence and will screen various zones of the organization. Different individuals from this group ought to incorporate Legal assistance, advertising officials, contractual workers and other individual from the executives both from business and IT that can help during security penetrates. On the off chance that an Incident has happened, it is essential to arrange this as an occurrence seriousness. Most organizations use between Severity 1-5. 1 being the most noteworthy and 5 being the exploration stage where no framework or user’s are influenced. For most framework anything under Severity 3 is definitely not a significant effect of the framework however in the event that there is a framework wide issue that requires prompt consideration, a seriousness 1 or 2 would fall under the class of Incident reaction strategy and set up a high caution. The expense of an episode can be high, contingent upon the loss of information, hence distinguishing the hazard and all the genuine danger fall under this class. When the episode has been recognized it ought to go into the appraisal stage, where it ought to be resolved if the framework can be repurchased up again and how much harm is finished. On the off chance that the business is affected evaluation ought to be finished. The appraisal incorporates measurable examination ordinarily including a group of master that investigate the what number of PC were influenced, what sort of data was taken or changed, section level of assaults, potential harm done by occurrence, recuperation process and the most ideal approach to survey this from happening once more. The following period of this is regulation, which is the appraisal of harm and seclusion of different frameworks that can likewise be undermined including system. Reinforcement of the framework in the present status ought to be done as of now for additional scientific examination. Examining of log documents and revealing frameworks that were utilized like firewalls, switches ought to be recognized. Any adjustment of documents including dos, exe ought to likewise be completed in this stage. When this is done, the following stage is Recovery. Recuperation is reestablishing clean information back the framework so it can perform is work as required. Subsequent to introducing last great reinforcement, it is essential to test the framework before placing this underway once more. Further reconnaissance of system and application ought to be set up as gatecrashers would attempt this once more. Each organization today, climate little or large needs an episode reaction solidarity to shield itself against predators on the web. The administration offices has set a few guidelines and guidelines on such norms and are necessitated that organization adhere to these measures to keep away from further disturbance of the administration. This turns out to be considerably increasingly basic for organizations that play significant spot in the economy like charge card, wellbeing, protection and substantially more. A few territorial organizations today can help plan CSIRP plan that give assistance making a group of people that can demonstration quick in such circumstances. The execution of such arrangement cost less over the long haul, when contrasted with organizations that don’t have such reaction plan and free information that is basic to their endurance.

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Children of Heaven Essay

Viewing the film entitled â€Å"Children of Heaven† caused me to acknowledge how a straightforward plot/story can be as endearing and rousing as some other film accessible out there in the market. It doesn’t take an intricate story with such a significant number of exciting bends in the road to make a fantastic film for everybody to appreciate. Despite the fact that the film has a few sections which are intensely emotional like the scene where Zahra was crying because of Ali losing her shoes, the film despite everything has a dominating light tone. The film causes the crowd including myself to feel compassion towards the principle characters †depicted by Ali and Zahra, two kin who earnestly care for one another. This procedure of contacting the feeling of the crowd is without a doubt viable since it makes them need to go on and finish the film (as I did when the before referenced scene was shone in the absolute starting point of the film). Spellbinding the crowd, be that as it may, doesn't stop there. Remembering certain energizing and risky minutes for their life makes the story additionally intriguing and normal. Instances of which are: the scene when the tennis shoes tumbled off Zahra’s foot at that point arrived into the channels so she needed to follow where the waters went to recoup it and the scene when Ali was at the run race going to win when another kid knock him off the course. More than that, the film additionally carries the crowd to catch the day by day way of life and culture of the Iranian individuals (as this film was set in that nation). Having a foundation of the characters causes me comprehend their qualities and perspective. In this way, I could understand the film in a simpler manner since it has this trademark. Catching the reasonable perspective on the world helped me in identifying with the film despite the fact that I am unfamiliar to the idea it was appearing. Having such a large number of qualities included in the story, I have learned numerous things in regards to assurance, sympathy and familial love. These qualities were scattered in the various scenes of the story. There were some in the first place about familial love when both Ali and Zahra concurred that they share the shoes since they go to class in discrete movements †a characteristic emotional gadget for the story. Assurance was obviously observed when Ali made a decent attempt in the race to win the elastic shoes. Sympathy was clear in scenes when they dealt with the debilitated neighbor and their mom. Utilizing the run of the mill setting and props (from my perspective) made everything natural. Nothing to favor was utilized to show the economic wellbeing of the family †it was not misrepresented. The articles to be found in the film were usually accessible in the day by day life of everybody. Additionally, the acting of the characters in the story was exceptionally regular. It nearly appeared as though it is a biography being told and not only a scripted one. I consider that the perspective on a great many people with respect to those of Iranians will change in the wake of seeing this film. Their real consideration for one another shows the amount they value those individuals and things around them. This negates the generalization given to them as those savage individuals of the Middle East. In addition, the film fills in as an endearing contemplation about genuine goodness in humankind †helping balance the contrary preferences that a great many people venture towards Iranians particularly these days. With all these to be found in the film, I can say that everybody is urged to watch it. Not exclusively will they adapt family esteems and self-control, the crowd could likewise be enlivened to experience their lives to the fullest in every day that passes.

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Humanities Week 4 discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Humanities Week 4 conversation - Essay Example Expressionism is primarily described utilization of practical shading and usage of viewpoint procedures in recovery of a deception of the real world (Chilvers, 2009). Additionally, the hues are typically chosen so as to suit the feeling felt or in making of the passionate impact. Expressionism painting reacts to the present difficulties through inspiration in contending people to relinquish their basic customary methods for review things and grasp new impression of the ever-dynamic universe. The basic messages are chiefly voiced by the overall gatherings that are ordinarily perplexed society, expanding the hole in the midst of customary culture and the comparing avant-grade workmanship. Impressionism was radical workmanship development that radiates from the relating moving outside from the fundamental studio and painting (Chilvers, 2009). The craftsman separated the overarching light into various hues and paint with the end goal that watchers eye could be blended and mix from far. On the other hand, Expressionism for the most part delineated feelings by means of sentiments of the universe and basic craftsman. Also, Expressionism craftsmanship in the twentieth century mostly observed the predominant deepest scene of the spirit while those of the nineteenth century rematerialize painting with shading and magnificence portraying regular scene on a very basic level in various

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Why Denver Is The Biggest City For Fun And Relaxation

Relaxing in the Mountains Vacation is a time for fun and relaxation. It is a time where you get away from a lot and enjoy the time period that is free. Most people take trips for a vacation. Some just take a vacation at home. Vacations are mostly planned by family and friends. Home of Rocky Mountains, sunny climates, many cultures, and sports fans, Denver is one of the most interesting cities for vacationing. Denver has the 10th largest downtown in the United States. Denver is the largest city in Colorado. Denver, Colorado is surrounded by a lot of great things. It is a perfect place for families who are looking for a vacation. Denver, Colorado, is known for its different activities, restaurants, sports, and education. Having nothing to†¦show more content†¦Even though hiking is fun, it is also has things that are needed to be avoided. People have to be careful when hiking in Denver. Another outdoor activity to enjoy in Denver is climbing. According to Castrone, â€Å"Climbing isn’t exactly t he kind of sport you just decide to try on a Saturday morning† (185). Climbing can be fun and exciting in Colorado. When climbing you have to take lessons before starting it. This activity can be dangerous to most people. Overall climbing is a fun activity that you have to be careful doing in Denver, Colorado. Even though visiting Denver and engaging into their activities can be fun it also can be dangerous. Going fishing, hiking, and climbing are all fun to do but they all can have bad effects. When fishing people have to make sure they does not fall in the water. Hiking requires that you be careful when walking through woods, animals do live out there. Climbing is fun but scary in many ways. All of these things can be bad in Denver if not be careful. When on a vacation after having a good time enjoying activities most people want good food to eat. In Denver, Colorado it is not a problem finding good food. There are many different kinds of food to choose from in Denver. Castr one states, â€Å"Dining out, like shopping, is an area in which Greater Denver excels. Lots of hot young chefs are busy in the kitchens here, enough so that their food has

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A Discussion on Trade Unions and whether Management Should...

A union is an organised group of workers whose aim is to protect their members and improve their employment conditions. The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in August 2012, 20% of full time employees and 14% of part time employees were members of unions. Although this data shows a decrease in union membership over the last decade or so, the unions are still a very important part of the workplace. In Australia, it is illegal for an employer to fire a worker for being a member of a union, and they are unable to prevent workers from joining a union (Trade Unions 2012). In the same respect, management cannot force employees to join unions or treat their staff unfairly for belonging to a union (Fair Work Ombudsman 2013). This essay†¦show more content†¦al 2001). Employers initially resisted unions as they were seen as a ‘tool of worker power’, and some countries even banned the groups all together (Baoill 2011). Although these restraints have been lifted, restrictions and guidelines have been put in place by government bodies to govern union activity; and employees internationally have the right to form unions (Baoill 2011). Being part of a union gives members the benefit of negotiating with their employer collectively, as part of a group; giving them more power than if they were to negotiate as individuals (Silverman, n.d.). Overall, unions demand fairness which can lead to the unions influencing and changing ‘managerial decision-making at the workplace level’ for decisions in which employees are affected (Verma 2005). Unions are also beneficial to have present in the workplace because their bargaining of better condition will often benefit non-members as the conditions negotiated with management are implemented across the organization with no regard to membership status. Management is also able to avoid union disagreement by benchmarking conditions to that of an already unionized workplace. If management were to control union operation within the workplace, unions could be eradicated all together as they pose a threat to management being able to make all decisions affecting the workers using their managerial prerogative. The absence ofShow MoreRelatedUnion Unions And The Workplace1831 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"Management should have the right to determine whether a union should operate within their workplace† The recent royal commision on union corruption and other negative media coverage has brought the role that trade unions play in the workplace into questions. A trade union refers to an organisation consisting mostly of employees or workers, the principal activities of which include the negotiation of rates of pay and conditions of employment for its members (,nd). There is one group ofRead MoreGood Faith Bargaining - Essay3422 Words   |  14 PagesGOOD FAITH BARGAINING The objective underlying the Fair Work Act 2009 was to â€Å"get the balance right† (Smart Company, 2010 ; Forsyth, 2005) between fairness and flexibility in Australian workplaces while getting rid of the harsher aspects of Work Choices which preceded it. The Fair Work Act sought to restore collective bargaining in the Australian workplace relations system, including enhanced rights for union involvement and, most importantly, the good faith bargaining requirements. Good faith bargainingRead MoreEmployee Relations3429 Words   |  14 Pagespolicies, management styles, workplace harmonisation, collective bargaining and analysis of trade union with respect to the employees and organisations. Starting with a brief introduction, it continues to talk about the labour unions and its process of reorganisation. It gives various drawbacks and benefits of union reorganisation for the employer. Then it examines the partnership agreement signed between UNISON and Vertex in the year 2000. Then a critique is made based on the theory that whether theRead MoreEmployee Relations3421 Words   |  14 Pagespolicies, management styles, workplace harmonisation, collective bargaining and analysis of trade union with respect to the employees and organisations. Starting with a brief introduction, it continues to talk about the labour unions and its process of reorganisation. It gives various drawbacks and benefits of union reorganisation for the employer. Then it examines the partnership agreement signed between UNISON and Vertex in the year 2000. Then a critique is made based on the theory that whether theRead MoreUnderstanding the Business Environment2190 Words   |  9 Pagesuk/coca-cola-great-britain/working-with-bottling-franchisees-around-the-world/introduction.html#ixzz2Siii4P91   Task 1 – Organisational Purpose (150w) 1.1 Type The Coca-Cola Company has a Separate International Division Structure because its international staff operate separately and in isolation from head office. It has various divisions in all continents around the world with presidents that control each continental division. Coca-Cola has 5 continental divisions. * Eurasia amp; Africa Group * EuropeRead MoreTripartite Relationship5876 Words   |  24 PagesPublic Administration and Management UNISA ABSTRACT T his article contains an overview of the complex network of labour relations dynamics and organizational flow in the new legislative landscape of labour relations. It sketches the hierarchy and protocol of the different protagonists in the labour market and explains the number of principles and influences amidst the myriad of legislative and ad hoc regulatory precepts. It also touches on the impact the general rights of workers and their representativeRead MoreTripartite Relationship5870 Words   |  24 PagesPublic Administration and Management UNISA ABSTRACT T his article contains an overview of the complex network of labour relations dynamics and organizational flow in the new legislative landscape of labour relations. It sketches the hierarchy and protocol of the different protagonists in the labour market and explains the number of principles and influences amidst the myriad of legislative and ad hoc regulatory precepts. It also touches on the impact the general rights of workers and their representativeRead MoreThe Extent to Which Labor Unions Can Influence Human Resrouce Practices in Bahrain18120 Words   |  73 PagesEXTENT TO WHICH LABOR UNIONS CAN INFLUENCE HUMAN RESROUCE PRACTICES IN BAHRAIN BY AFAF ABDUL AZIZ OPEN UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA THE EXTENT TO WHICH LABOR UNIONS CAN INFLUENCE HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICES IN BAHRAIN BY AFAF ABDUL AZIZ Project Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Human Resources Open University Malaysia (May 2010) ABSTRACT Labor unions are legal organizations that consists of a group of workers who have banded together toRead MoreGrievance Redressal System8654 Words   |  35 PagesSystem The human behavior differs from person to person. Every employee has certain expectation which he thinks must be fulfilled by the organization he is working in. It is not possible for the management to satisfy the feelings ego of all the employees. It is therefore, but natural that workers have grievances against their supervisor or a whole or against the systems practices, which are followed in the organization. Definition: â€Å"A grievance is a complaint of one or more workers in respectRead MoreWal Mart s Organizational Behaviors2716 Words   |  11 Pagesefforts to make its customers life simpler by providing reliable grocery and e-commerce services. These commitments placed Wal-Mart at the heart of focusing its values proposition on delivering excellence customer experience through service delivery. Right from its establishment in 1962 by Mr. Sam Walton, high-quality service delivery has been always at the core of the organization’s proposition. According to the recent financial reports (2014), the current operating manager reported that Wal-Mart is

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The Revolution Of New Orleans - 1453 Words

A nineteenth century San Francisco song reads, â€Å"The miners came in forty-nine, the whores in fifty-one; and when they got together they produced the native son.† This sheds some light as to how long prostitution has been a part of America. Prostitution dates back to the beginning of colonization in the United States, but wasn’t considered a legal act. At the time the laws just didn’t acknowledge what a prostitute or the act of prostitution itself was. In 1721, the French government shipped eighty women to the colony of New Orleans that housed seven hundred men to promote marriage. Also, as a means to detour the men from having relations with the Native American women. However, the women sent were previous prostitution offenders in France,†¦show more content†¦Many believe the illegalization of prostitution today to be an antiquated view of the trade, and want to see it legalized. However, prostitution should not see legalization due to it will promo te more sexual unacceptable activities such as child prostitution, expand the sex trafficking trade, and escalate poor treatment to those in the trade. Legalization of prostitution will promote more sexual unacceptable activities such as child prostitution. It is estimated that about two million children are exploited in the sex trade yearly (Global Sex Trafficking Fact Sheet). Child prostitutes are considered safer than adults because many customers feel less likely to contract a STD due to their young age. Forty percent of the US adult prostitutes today say they were illegally trafficked into the trade as children. Males make up twenty percent of US prostitution population and averaged a starting age of fourteen. Women make up seventy percent and averaged the same starting age of fourteen (Prostitution Statistics You Have to Know). It is naà ¯ve to say that prostitution, illegal or legal, does not promote child prostitution. The trafficking and presence of child prostitutes has had known increases in countries where prostitution is legalized due to supply needing to meet demand. Victoria, Australia legalized prostitution in 1984 , and was found to have a dramatic increase in child organized commercial

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Red Bull Social Media Analysis Viral Marketing

Question: Describe about the Red Bull Social Media Analysis: Viral Marketing? Answer: Introduction: This assignment analyses the social media presence of Red Bull. An energy drink was established in the year 1987 In Austria. Red Bull has maintained its highest position in selling energy drink within the world. Different products of Red Bull are Red Bull energy drinks, sugerfree drinks, drinks of zero calories, tropical fruit drink, blueberry drink, cherry drink etc. There are other products of Red Bull that is involved in Red Bull cola and Red Bull energy etc. Red Bull uses different digital marketing strategy for marketing different products. Strengths and weakness of Red Bull products: As discussed by (Botha and Reyneke), strengths of Red Bull are involved in its iconic brands, leadership within the industry, entertainment value. On the other hand, Weaknesses of Red Bull are involved in niche market segment and lack of innovation of products. However, marketing strategy of Red Bull is involved in avoiding different traditional techniques of marketing and advertisement. Red Bull has focused upon different cultural events and social media in order to market its products to the customers. Social media marketing strategy of Red Bull: Media house of Red Bull deeply focuses upon different types of digital as well as social media marketing techniques. This company fully integrates its every marketing project into different existing and popular social medium. Marketing managers of Red Bull use social medium and digital medium in order to gain cost effectiveness within the competitive sector of market. Red Bull has been experienced in the process of creating successful digital media campaign for its products within the market. Red Bulls strategy is fully different from other soft drink companies. Red Bull has 35 million followers within different social mediums or channels. Red Bull has also used viral advertising technique (Kozinets). Therefore, technique of viral marketing of Red Bull has become very successful in order to conduct viral marketing techniques. Red Bull has also demonstrated its different contents in video via YouTube photos via insta gram and content via face book and twitter. Red Bull demonstrates videos via face book and other social medium also. The video content of Red Bull seeks to highlight different popular athletes as well as sports persons. Red Bull has developed its effective strategy of content marketing in order to market its products among the targeted customers within the competitive sector of the market. As Red bull provides energy drinks seeks to engage different extreme sports persons; air biking, snowboards etc. Every aspect of advertisements of Red Bull provides visual contents of sports, athletics, music etc. Red Bull has focused upon providing effective pictures of energetic sport persons for convincing the customers that Red Bull can provide lots of energy to overcome any dangers. Red Bull communicates its core messages of energy through different strategies of content marketing. Most popular posts of Red Bull within different social mediums are involved in the innovative photos and videos. The tagline of Red Bull is Gives you wings. It has truly maintained in the creative videos and photos of Red Bull. Red Bulls face book page has gained more than 30 million likes. Red Bull focuses upon the demands of its customers while providing advertisements of its products (McKay-Nesbitt and Yoon) Social media presence of Red Bull: Face Book: Unlimited posting Different content related to adventure, sports, music Regular update of contents Twitter: Timely posting in pages Updated information about new events of sports, adventures and music However, it has been surveyed that Twitter has not got enough views from the customers. Twitter contents related to text has not been updated regularly ( Google+: Updating contents within 2 days per week Contents of music, adventures, sports Posts have effective engagement among customers Insta gram: Photos of sports, adventures on timely basis Different related activities of photos on activities of sports From 8 April to 22 April, different types of photos have been uploaded in the Insta gram. Different adventures pictures have been uploaded daily for the audiences ( You tube: Video uploading based on time Live video recording Updated video uploading Contents those are related to adventures, sports and music Videos have decent views Target audience analysis of Red Bull: Demographic segmentation of Red Bull is involved in the process of age segmentation, gender, and psychographic segmentation. Age group of target audiences of Red Bull is from 16 to 30 years old. Customers of below 16 mostly buy different lines of products of Red Bull soda. On the other hand, middle-aged customers mostly buy other zero calories products of Red Bull(Tang, Wang and Norman). This company mostly focuses on male customers. However, Red Bull does not reject group of women within the databases of customers. Red Bull can be considered as luxury products among the customers within the competitive sector of the market. On the other hand (Pletikosa Cvijikj, Dubach Spiegler and Michahelles) stated that, psychographic segmentation is very much necessary as well as essential in order to distinguish the trends of customers. Red Bull knows the trends of the customers. Within psychographic segmentation, buyers are involved into different ways; those are as follows: Lifestyle: Students, business executives, working class executives Occasions: Special as well as regular Personality: Adventurers, ambitious, open to gather new experiences Social status: High status User status: Regular user Attitude of customers to the products: Enthusiastic and adventurers Loyalty status: Customers are not so loyal to this company. This industry is not a loyalty-based industry Benefits: Quality On the other hand (Tkachenko) argued that, Red Bull also has maintained its geographical segmentation through area, region and city of the customers. Red Bull has concentrated upon the urban and semi urban sector of different countries. Conclusion and Recommendation: As discussed by (Wolny) Red Bull is the highest seller of energy drinks among the competitive sector of the global market. Red Bull has focused upon the social media marketing technique to focus upon the young customers. Therefore, Red Bull has tried to project its different products through different social mediums. On the other hand (Xu and Li) discussed that, Red Bull can face issues in order to provide effective social media campaign. Face book page is often not updated with regular information. Random posts of Face book is often handled with poor handling techniques. Red Bull only shares images and videos to insta gram. There are no provisions of user tagging for the customers of Red Bull. Recommendation 1: However, (Young and Merritt) discussed that, Red Bull has not developed innovative products for the customers. Red Bull only shares photos, videos in different social mediums for the customers. Red Bull can change techniques of approach by the help of different marketing experts of Red Bull. Recommendation 2: Red Bull can develop different effective techniques as well as strategies of content marketing for attracting the customers. Red Bull can acquire different techniques of content marketing; those are involved within info graphics, slide share presentation, e-books, e-mail marketing, and pr techniques. It has been investigated that Red Bull is lacking from effective PR campaign. Therefore, Red Bull can provide effective information by initiating newsletters and other pr tools for customers. Recommendation 3: The presence of Red Bull in insta gram is low. Therefore, Red Bull should focus upon this platform to gain marketing effectiveness. Red Bull needs to update pages of Insta gram on daily basis. Daily update is very necessary for this company. Recommendation 4: Red Bull mainly targets male players and male adventurers. Therefore, it should include women in the advertising process. It should portray the image of an adventurers woman. Reference lists Botha, Elsamari, and Mignon Reyneke. 'To Share Or Not To Share: The Role Of Content And Emotion In Viral Marketing'. J. Public Affairs 13.2 (2013): 160-171. Web.,. 'Red Bull (@Redbull) Instagram Photos And Videos'. N.p., 2015. Web. 6 May 2015. Kozinets, Robert V. 'Creating Sustainable Digital Experiences'. GfK Marketing Intelligence Review 6.2 (2014): n. pag. Web. McKay-Nesbitt, Jane, and Sukki Yoon. 'Social Marketing Communication Messages'. Journal of Social Marketing 5.1 (2015): 40-55. Web. Pletikosa Cvijikj, Irena, Erica Dubach Spiegler, and Florian Michahelles. 'Evaluation Framework For Social Media Brand Presence'. Soc. Netw. Anal. Min. 3.4 (2013): 1325-1349. Web. Tang, Fengchun, Xuequn Wang, and Carolyn Strand Norman. 'An Investigation Of The Impact Of Media Capabilities And Extraversion On Social Presence And User Satisfaction'. Behaviour Information Technology 32.10 (2013): 1060-1073. Web. Tkachenko, Yegor. 'Optimal Allocation Of Digital Marketing Budget: The Empirical Bayes Approach'. J Market Anal 2.3 (2014): 162-172. Web.,. 'Red Bull (@Redbull) | Twitter'. N.p., 2015. Web. 6 May 2015. Wolny, Julia. 'Marketing Transformations: Re-Thinking Marketing, Digital First'. J Direct Data Digit Mark Pract 16.2 (2014): 150-151. Web. Xu, Guandong, and Lin Li. Social Media Mining And Social Network Analysis. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2013. Print. Young, Joyce A., and Nancy J. Merritt. 'Marketing Channels: A Content Analysis Of Recent Research, 20102012'. Journal of Marketing Channels 20.3-4 (2013): 224-238. Web.